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Why can't I stop over thinking?

There are times in our lives, usually during a lot of stress, where it feels like we’re thinking a lot, yet solving nothing. This is because our brain is working feverishly to make plans to avoid future stress. The irony is that during moments of severe stress the part of our brains that makes good future plans is running on lower power. The part of our brain that has been turned on is that part which helps us escape immediate danger. So unless there is a tiger to escape, what good are your thoughts right now?

Fortunately there are ways to reduce your immediate feelings of stress so you can send more power to that part of your brain which makes the complex, long term plans. Learning deep breathing techniques and how you can switch those on even in the midst of a crisis is a proven method of reducing enough stress to let you make good decisions.

Another very important way of performing well during a stressful situation is by rehearsing your response. That part of your brain that helps us escape immediate danger can also switch on those activities we have practiced so well that they have become automatic. A good example of this is seen when a martial artist performs complex movements to protect himself during a fight.

 Practicing Deep Breathing Techniques and Mindfulness Exercises every day will reduce your brains vulnerability to becoming stressed. Another method which is the cornerstone of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy is rehearsing helpful thoughts in response to stressful situations. At Anxiety Solutions CBT we have a program that lays out proven thinking exercises in simple terms. If you practice these methods during and outside of session, this will make them far easier to apply when you come across a stressful time in your life.

This is how we can help break the cycle of anxiety. We understand that that cycle may have come into being in a very different way depending on the person and that is why seeing a psychologist is very important to help find a tailored solution.

Grant Spencer